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Frequently Asked Questions.


What do I need in order to use MovieClipcommander framework?
All you need is Flash.
Well, the framework was designed and built using FlashDevelop and for FlashDevelop users. However, I’ve spent alot of time making this fully compatible with Macromedia Flash. So eventually all you need is Flash 7 (published with AS2).

I’m an animator, but know some code. Can your framework help me?
Yes, indeed. If you want to give some of your movieclip’s an enhanced functionality that exist in one of the extentions, you can do it:

import iap.commander.extentions.Drag;
MovieClipService.create(_root.ballMc, “drag”, Drag, [true]);

What is the most important thing in the MovieClipCommander framework?
The MovieClip!
As I love the concept of MovieClip, I created MCC on top of it.
The second most important thing are the extentions that can be applyed on a MovieClipCommander to extends its abbility. Actually, the possibillities are endless on a single movieclip, you can grand it as many behaviours as needed, some of them use the services given by others to produce a complex behaviour with as little code as possible.


What is the relationship between MovieClipCommander and MovieClip
The MovieClipCommander class is a wrapper for a MovieClip. It has its own _parent / _children hirarchy, that is completly paralel with the MovieClip hirarchy.
MovieClipCommander has its own commands to create new MovieClipCommander and a movieclip inside it. It has a “destroy” command that is the MCC version of removeMovieClip.
Ultimatly, the MovieClipCommander can completely replace the use of movie clips, as it has all the MC managment inside it. But this is not always recommended.

What is an extention?
An extention is a class that define a behaviour for a movieclip. It can be as simple as “drag and drop” and as complex as a Sounds Manager or an Animation Sequencer.
Actually, the extention is a class that extends MovieClipService. MovieClipService is a basic class that manages all the connectivity of that extention with MovieClipcommander. Actually the extention has no meaning by it self and is …… well an extention of MovieClipCommander.

There Is no extention for what I need, what do I do?
Create your own extention!
The whole idea of the structure of MovieClipCommander and the extention management, the everyone can create an extention.
Actually, creating an extention is as easy as extending MovieClipService. As simple as it gets, but also as complex, with the use of the enhanced Events Management abillitis and the _param extention you can make a very powerful and most important, reusable extentions. I encourage you to create many extentions and publish them here (or send them to me) to make a big pool of extention for everybody to use.

What if I want these abillities without a movie clip?
Well, I duplicated the events and extention handling methodology to be without a movieclip, it’s called AppCommander. The use of AppCommander is vary vage, because it can be easly extended (as a class), rether then get extentions. But a smart use of both, can produce a very powerfull class.

I have many more questions about MovieClipCommander!

You can post your question in one of the comments of a post that is simmilar to your question.
Or you can contact me:
itzik.mcc [at ]

  1. How about license using this if I dont’t wan’t to publish all my work with everybody if I use your exellent work. It’s lisenced now gpl….

  2. ah sorry there was in downloads page more info 🙂

  3. but.. don’t gpl mean, that all work is then gpl?

  4. GPL means that all changes you have made to the GPL licened product are GPL.

    You can use the framework as much as you want and license the products you’ve made with it however you want. But the core framework itself, and every changes you have made to it – must stay GPL.

    Thanks, by the way. 😉

    Feel free to ask more questions, I’ll be glad to answer.

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