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The framework is provided as an open source with a GPL license. 

What GPL means:
Its very important to me that you will read this section.

MovieClipCommander Framework is provided as is, open source and for your use. You can almost do whatever you want with it, as long as you keep these conditions:
* Keep credit of the original author inside every source file.
* Keep the license header in each of the files.
* Any modifications to the original files, still keeps the GPL open-source license.
* You may not sell the framework, or a framework that is based on MovieClipCommander files.
* Off course, the final products of whatever you want to do with the framework are yours. As long as the conditions above are kept.

In addition to the license, I would like to ask you to send me an E-mail saying that you use the framework and if it helps you, or maybe you downloaded it and never used it again. It means allot to me to hear feedback about what I do, so I would thank you allot for doing so.

And, if you develop more extensions to the MovieClipCommander, some of them must be general extentions that you may share. Sharing extensions will eventually benefits with all of us. You may send them to me and I’ll post them here. I may open a page just for shared third party extensions.

Now You can download the MovieClipCommander Framework:

Download MovieClipCommander Framework – release 1

MovieClipCommander framework contains the following:

MovieClipCommander and MovieClipServicearchitecture for managing events and extension handling on movieclips.over 30 extentionsfor use with MovieClipCommander. These extensions are just a start, there would be much more to come.

AppCommander and Servicearchitecture for events and extensions handling on regular classes.

Hash Tablesof different kinds, for orginazing data in a “key – value” pairs.

Time based pulse handlers, for calling a function over time, or over frames.

Loading Manager(by Le-Fay) for synchronizing data downloads. Also implemented as extension.

AppInit configuration managerand central application headquarters.

Copy of GPL license.

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  1. great work, keep on!

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