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FlashDevelp 3 is in the air (beta)

August 31, 2007

After so much time I didn’t write here, I’m happy to introduce the third generation of FlashDevelop.

In a previous post I wrote about FlashDevelop when it was in the second generation. It was a big promise back then, and was lovely to work with.

Ever since, FlashDevelop development team has’nt rested a bit. They started working on the third generation of FlashDevelop. They actually wrote it from scratch in .NET 2 framework, and improved it so much, that now it only looks like the old FlashDevelop, but its in another level.

 The thing that is most improved in V3 is its compatibility with two more languages: ActionScript3 / MXML, and HaXe. If in previous version we needed a patch and lots of instructions to be able to build AS3 projects, it is now built in the program, as an ActionScript3 project.

All projects are enjoying the ease of use and cheerfulness of the program. A completely new “telepathic” method completion (IntelySence) is so fun to use, and so integrated in the language, that is seemless. I’m actually wanting to have this in eacjh document I write, includin this word press post. Along with a complete “type explorer” witch shows a tree of the entire project – I’m always in control. Traces are seemlessly integrated in the results panel, with a list form, and double clicking just jumps to that line. All the settings mechanism is better, and tons of settings to control every bit of the software. Plugins can now be disabled.

 Some external plugins made by users where integrated into the program, like the so helpful “start page” plugin, and another “Quick Find” plugin. More external plugins are written as we speak, and even the author of sepy, is now writing plugins for FlashDevelop.

 As always, the development team is very responsive to the community, and they work hard to fulfill every request.

And a documentaion in the form of WIKI is being built right now!

I love Open source projects, And I love FlashDevelop.

 Get it now!


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