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Forget Flash IDE – now programmers can enjoy too!

August 16, 2006

No doubt about it, its a success story. After long time of editing my external ActionScript files with Flash itself, and seen it wasn’t the best place to do that, I’ve started editing them with Scite and calling the flash IDE for compiling. But it still wasn’t enough. Wen needed AS2 development, Scite wasn’t enough.
So I’ve found the bombastic AS2 editor SEPY with millions of things to help me program. But still, it didn’t feel much like home. I mean, it still called the flash IDE for compiling, and althow it supported the Open Source compiler MTASC I couldn’t figure out how to do something with it… So even this tool seemed only an external accessory…

But then I accidently bumped into the project that literely changed completely the way I use, think and live flash:
Flash Develop is now my home for flash. With its seemless integration with an open source tool for building SWF’s from XML and MTASC, with a complete VS style code completion witch even shows the javadocs comments of your own classes, with tools for building compiling and testing flash with a push of a button, without needing the Flash IDE, with open plugin architecture witch I have the pleasure of contributing my own plugin (still in development, and I’ll talk about it later) and with the endless patience and willing to help with the community even smallest requests from the developpers… Well, I’m an addict.

Flash develop now suppoert four approaches for AS2 developping with almost perfect code cmpletion, XML editing with completion, best project managment, docking panels plugin based interface, basic AS3 developmen (with a patch) and look and feel of a real Development Enviroment.

With some external plugins that are being develloped like: FlashBuild to really make a powerfull project management, GENiAS to Enhance your code generation, HELP to seek help over lots of different sources and my own: Find&Replace.

 Hmmmm, thats alot of talking for the second post. But… hey, thats just shows how much I’m excited from this project.

Till next time.

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  1. Wow, this sounds great! Thanks for the tip, I’ll check it out!

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