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Introducing MovieClipCommander

August 15, 2006

Hi all. This blog is dedicated to show an AS2 framework for flash that is also a concept that I’ve developped. The framework is called “MovieClipCommander”, this name serves several porpuses: First, it is the backbone class that power the framework. Second, it named after the so wonderfull file manager “norton commander” and all its clones (including the best file manager “total commander”). And, its a cool name, but also descriptive. Well, at least to me.

And a couple of questions are passing thrugh your heads: 

Aren’t there enough frameworks for flash?
Yes, there are some powerfull frameworks out there for flash. Most of them can be found at witch is an amzing place to be if you are a flash developper. But I think my framework works differently then any other and I think even better.

But AS3 is already becomming  standard for flash programming. Why whould I make a framework for AS2?
Well, the simple answer is that I’ve started working on it before all the AS3 buzz. The less simple answer is: Its because this framework shows a concept for programming, as much as a base for programming itself.

 For now, this would be enough. I’ll uplod the framework itself soon.

This post is just the thriller… 😛


  1. zap permalink

    Man !
    I could use a copy of this thing now
    When are you going to upload it ?

  2. I’m sorry, I need to figure out some things about licenses and stuff, apperatly its not as simple.

    (SIlly me, I got myself into a mess with this issue…)

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